Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lama sesangat tak update blog.  Dah lebih satu tahun.

Kami masih di UK.  Sedang writing tesis.  Sebab writing tesis tu la yang tak writing blog.

Doakan urusan kami dipermudahankan dan kami berjaya dalam dlm PhD kami.


  1. It is a real pity if you stop writing. You would realise many years from today what it means to continue jotting down your life story and reflect some years from now. If only there was such a thing as computer in 1960's I would have had about 60 years of life story for my grandchildren to read! Presumably you are now at a university in Malaysia.

  2. smoga dipermudahkan urusan n dapat phd dgn jayanye,,,study oversea ade dlm plan list da start keje jd lain pula..;)

  3. Al-Manar & Cenetos. I lupa my password. Skrg dah boleh log in.